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Shocking Blue. Venus

Shocking Blue. Venus

Говоря о хитах 70-х годов, нельзя пройти мимо группы Shocking Blue, стремительно ворвашейся в мир рок-музыки с песней Венера, она же известная в народе как Шизгара. Mariska Veres, вокалистка группы, вошла в каждый дом, благодаря своему голосу...

Shocking Blue. О группе

Shocking Blue - голландская рок-группа, была создана в Гааги (Нидерланды) в 1967 году. Название группе дал гитарист Robbie van Leeuwen - оно было навеяно названием знаменитой композиции Эрика Клэптона "Electric Blue". Их самый известный хит "Венера", занял первое место на Billboard Hot 100 в феврале 1970 года. Группа продала 13500 тысяч дисков к 1973 году. Shocking Blue распались в 1974 году.

Дискография Shocking Blue

1968 Shocking Blue (Polydor) also known as "Beat With Us" (German title)
1969 At Home (Pink Elephant)
1970 Scorpio’s Dance (Pink Elephant) also known as "Sally Was A Good Old Girl" (Japanese title)
1971 Third Album (AKA Shocking You, Pink Elephant)
1972 Inkpot (Pink Elephant) - The official music of Mark Six
1972 Live in Japan (Pink Elephant)
1972 Attila (Pink Elephant) also known as "Rock In The Sea" (Japanese title)
1972 Eve and the Apple (Same as "Attila" with one different track, Polydor)
1973 Dream on Dreamer (Polydor)
1973 Ham (Same as "Dream On Dreamer" with 3 different tracks, Pink Elephant)
1974 Good Times (Pink Elephant)


1967 "Love is in The Air" / "What You Gonna Do" (Polydor)
1968 "Lucy Brown is Back in Town" / "Fix Your Hair Darling" (Pink Elephant)
1968 "Send Me a Postcard" / "Harley Davidson" (Metronome)
1969 "Long and Lonesome Road" / "Fireball of Love" (Metronome)
1969 "Venus" / "Hot Sand" (Pink Elephant)
1969 "Mighty Joe" / "Wild Wind" (Metronome)
1969 "Scorpio’s Dance" / "Sally Was a Good Old Girl" (promo)
1970 "Never Marry a Railroad Man" / "Roll Engine Roll" (Metronome)
1970 "Hello Darkness" / "Pickin’ Tomatoes" (Metronome)
1971 "Shocking You" / "Waterloo" (Metronome)
1971 "Serenade" / "Sleepless at Midnight" (Buddah)
1971 "Blossom Lady" / "Is This a Dream" (Polydor)
1971 "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" / "I Like You" (Polydor)
1972 "Inkpot" / "Give My Love to The Sunrise" (Polydor)
1972 "Rock in the Sea" / "Broken Heart" (Polydor)
1972 "Eve and the Apple" / "When I was a Girl" (Polydor)
1973 "Let Me Carry Your Bag" / "I Saw You in June" (Polydor)
1973 "Oh Lord" / "In My Time of Dying" (Polydor)
1974 "This America" / "I Won’t be Lonely Long" (Polydor)
1974 "Dream on Dreamer" / "Where The Pick-Nick Was" (Polydor)
1974 "Good Times" / "Come My Way" (Pink Elephant)
1975 "Gonna Sing My Song" / "Get It On" (Decca)
1980 "Louise" / "Venus" (promo)
1986 "The Jury and The Judge" / "I am Hanging on to Love (Polydor)
1994 "Body and Soul" / "Angel" (Red Bullet)


1969 Sensational Shocking Blue (Discofoon)
1971 Hello Darkness (Pink Elephant)
1972 The Shocking Blue Perfect Collection (Polydor)
1972 The Best of Shocking Blue (Pink Elephant)
1973 Shocking Blue’s Best (Metronome)
1973 With love from... Shocking Blue (Capri)
1978 The Shocking Blue Double Deluxe (Polydor)
1980 Venus (Piccadilly)
1981 The Shocking Blue Greatest Hits (CNR)
1986 Best of Shocking Blue (CNR)
1986 Classics (21 Records)
1986 The Best of Shocking Blue (Victor)
1990 The Very Best of Shocking Blue (Red Bullet), (Arcade, 1993)
1990 Shocking Blue 20 Greatest Hits (Repertoire)
1994 A Portrait of Shocking Blue (Castle)
1995 Shocking Blue The Golden Hits (Red Bullet)
1997 Singles A’s and B’s (Repertoire)
1997 Shocking Blue Grand Collection (A.R.O.)
1998 Shocking You (Laserlight)
2000 Shocking Blue Golden Collection 2000 (Lighthouse)
2000 All Gold Of The World Shocking Blue (Mekkophone & Castle Communications)
2004 Shocking Blue Greatest Hits (Red Bullet)
2004 Greatest Hits Around The World (Red Bullet)

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